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Clean Up Your Customers Acts & Stand Out
Above The Crowd With Custom Made
Promotional Wet Wipes

Read on to discover what types Of Services, Businesses
& Professions Are Using Our Promotional Branded and
Generic Freshnup wet wipes to cash in in more ways
than one..

It’s understandable to think that only fast food restaurants use custom-made promotional wet wipes but you’d be wrong.

Freshnup Promotional wet wipes are being used by a variety of people in a wide scope of industries,
businesses and professions big and small for all types or uses.

Wheather you want a sanitary hand wet wipe for your hotel guests..massage oil wet wipe form your massage service or a sunscreen wipe for your fishing store customers, Freshnupwipes have the ‘wow’ factor, are extremely useful and unique and loved by customers and staff.

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