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“Put Your Brand Into More Hands & Banish Dirty Hands and
Un-Hygienic Serviettes, & Paper Towels Forever.

Putting Your Brand Into More Hands

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Branded Wet Wipes

• If you really want to be the kind of restaurant, café, hotel, motel, corporate company or other business service that ‘WOWS’ their customers… sstands out from the crowd and is remembered for all the right reasons then grab your FREE Freshnup wet wipe sample while you can.

The use of personal wet or sanitary wipes has increased dramatically among Australian consumers. There are a growing number of businesses in the food, accommodation, other hospitality services, fitness and even outdoor services moving toward private Branding/ packaging and wet wipe packaging and branding to achieve higher exposure and recognition for their brand, product and services.

Normally company or businesses branded sanitary wipes were only for large Franchise’s with huge budgets but thanks to Freshnup wet wipes that’s no longer the case.

We supply private or custom brand wet wipes that gives you a unique promotional giveaway that can be contained and be used for a wide variety of industries, business types, for the benefits of all, staff, clients, customers, and guests.

Below are just some examples of how & where Freshnup wipes can be extremely useful and appreciated

  • Use in Tradeshow bags or as a business card
  • Include in takeaway orders and at restaurants
  • Leave a couple in the rooms of your apartment or holiday accommodation
  • Use them as part of a new marketing campaign or as a complementary thank you gesture
  • Include one or two with every new membership to a gym or a club

Affordable company branded sanitary wipes will kill off germs and more…

We can provide your business with disposable wet wipes that have your company branding/details on them in three different sizes, or alternatively a generic version that is also available. This is another reason why we outdo the traditional inferior napkins or cheaper, lower quality wipes on the market..

9 Reasons Why Businesses choose to use Freshnup wet wipes

If It Has Your Name On It – It Has To Be Good

1. Repeat Business

Freshnup wipes will help you establish customer loyalty because every effort made to improve the customer experience will pay back in the form of repeated business. Your business will prove and establish a social responsibility in your customers mind.

2. Gets Your Business Noticed

We understand the power of marketing and that the quality of our wipes reflects on you, which is why using wet wipes with your business branding on them will help you and your business stand out from the rest and be noticed..

3. Gets Your Business Remembered

Gets Your Business Remembered – According to sophisticated memory theories, if an object can affect four senses it is going to be more easily remembered. Therefore, by having the wipes able to provoke seeing, hearing, touching

4. Ad size

Advertising space is a huge factor to consider when you are planning to purchase a promotional item. Typical items such as paper clips or pens have very limited promotional space. In contrast, on Freshnup wipes, you are able to fit product photos of important brand messages.


5. Cost Effective

Cost efficiency is a definite advantage when you use Freshnup wipes for your business. With prices as low as $0.07 a piece printed with your logo, they are much more affordable than most other promotional business items.

6. Try before you buy FREE Sample

We stand behind our service and product and to prove it we give you FREE samples so you can decide for yourself, so grab yours here.

7. Australian made and manufactured

Freshnup work from local production facilities that enable us to supply our product in Australia. With our own manufacturing facility and with the added ability to provide our own in-house flexography printing, we became Australia’s

8.Softer, smoother, fragranced & alcohol free

Freshnup wet wipes ARE NOT tiny alcohol soaked papers. Our wipes are made of larger size, non-woven cotton instead of paper. The wipes are mildly scented so they refresh and invigorate

9. Branded

We offer the option to cater for your budget and offer both branded wipes which enhance your marketing capacity, and generic wipes which cater to your customer and clients s and significantly increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.

What Just A Few Of Our Satisfied Customers Are Saying…

Hear them describe, in their own words, why they enjoy shopping with us…

For years I’ve been searching for an alternative to traditional towels and napkins for my restaurant Finally!! Thank you.
“Dear Freshup Wipes: On the evening of August 28th, I took your slogan to heart. For those not using your product, your slogan is “put your brand into more hands” I have seen customers carrying and using the freshnup wipes with our logo on it….Good on Ya folks.”
Richard Brenseen of Dixons Creek
I don’t know of another product that works as well as yours does, when I saw my business details on those wipes It felt so good when my customers were carrying them around .
Tim from MI
• “A huge thumbs up from us and I hope freshnup Wipes continues to go from strength to strength. Thanks for a fantastic product!”
Louise, Daniel and Molly C, December 2011
Our customers are extremely pleased with the convenient of Freshnup hand wipes, They can refresh themselves and once they have left your premises they were and are completely satisfied with your service
Dan from Perth
I am so impressed i cannot believe that i was able to offer a towel, cleaning solution, fragrance and business card all in one product!!! WOW….thank you Freshnup….


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